HYDRO-Temp - Leak Detection System

Hydro-temp - early warning water leak detection

The EWA System early warning water detection alarms, prevent the DISASTER. Early warning of environmental conditions is crucial for the protection of critical facilities and equipment from damage due to water leaks (moisture) and/or temperature and humidity extremes. Damage that result from leaking or sweating pipes, clogged drains, ruptured storage tanks, temperature or humidity extremes can be disastrous.

Environment Monitoring

Hysro Temp EPC-50 Washington DC, Rockville, Baltimore, Fairfax VA

System Control Unit EPC-50/32 Control Unit

1. Micro-Processor Based Control
2. LED Status Indicators
3. LCD Display - Alphanumeric
4. Keypad Operation
5. Input Boards
6. Calendar Clock
7. Zoned Water Leak Detection Systems - Multiple Device Monitoring
8. Two RS-232 Serial Interface Accommodate
9. Optional By-Zone Form C Relay Interface Available (EPC-RI8)

Lineal Liquid Leak-Detector

Liquid Detector Tape

B-11 Liquid Detector Tape

The lineal leak water detector tape design allows encirclement of equipment or potential sources of leaks. A warning will sound when as few as 2 drops (adjustable) of water (aqueous liquid) comes in contact with the tape. This is in stark contrast to spot detector systems that trigger the alarm if and when water hits the contact points. Early detection of leaks allows for corrective action to be implemented immediately, rather than after the flood has occurred. The tape is glued or strapped to the surface to be protected (floor, pipes, etc.) avoiding migration and bridging. Bridging allows water to flow under the cable and thus, avoid detection. The low profile of the B-11 helps to prevent damage as opposed to the higher profile cable used in some systems which can be easily snagged, dragged and/or damaged.

Spot & Level Detectors

N2F Spot detector
N-2 Level/Spot Detector

N-2F Spot Detector

This water detector is specially designed for direct floor mounting. It sends an alarm signal indicating the presence of water or other aqueous liquids.

N-2 Level/Spot Detector

Used with EWA System control unit, the N-2 liquid leak detector causes the unit to issue an alarm when an aqueous liquid, such as water, reaches a predetermined level/point. It is used in certain applications to detect the intrusion of water into a basement, drains, or sump areas, etc.

Hi-Lo Temperature Sensor

TS-1 Temperature Sensor

TS-1 Temperature Sensor

The TS-1 provides accurate and reliable temperature measurement and will cause the control unit to annunciate an alarm when the temperature either rises or falls outside of preset limits.

Hi-Lo Humidity Sensor

HS-3 Humidity Sensor
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HS-3 Humidity Sensor

The HS-3 provides accurate and reliable humidity measurement when used in conjunction with the EPC-50/32 Control Unit. This humidity sensor will cause the control unit to annunciate an alarm when the humidity either rises or falls outside of preset limits (user programmable).

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