Single Phase UPS - ONLINE UPS
Double-conversion technology continually converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power, and then converts DC back into AC power with a pure sine wave. Constant on-line operation completely isolates sensitive equipment from every power problem on the AC line - the highest level of protection available.

Single Phase UPS - ONLINE UPS

xtreme Power single phase online UPS

Xtreme Performance Rack Tower Series (XPRT)
XPRT-BP4 (for XPRT 6000VA)
XPRT-BP5 (for XPRT 10000VA)
Network Xtreme Rack/Tower Series (NXRT)
Network Xtreme Rack Tower intl Series (NXRTi)
NXRi Online High-Voltage / Rack Models
Network Xtreme Tower intl Series (NXTi)

eaton single phase online UPS

Eaton MGE Pulsar 700-3000 VA
Eaton 9125 700-6000 VA
Eaton 9140 7.5-10 KVA
Eaton 9155 8-15 KVA
Eaton 9170 3-18 KVA Scalable, Modular UPS

toshiba single phase online UPS Toshiba 1 – 22KVA
GE online UPS

LP33 Series II (208VAC Transformerless UPS)
TLE MidPower Series, 50-150kVA @ 480VAC
TLE Series (480VAC Transformerless UPS)
SG Series (480VAC Iso-Transformer UPS)

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