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Power Distribution Unit PDU

PDU –Stand alone PDU with integral transformer up six panel boards
RPP – Stand alone Remote Power Panel up to 4 panel boards

Power Distribution Unit PDU

Rack PDU – rack mounted switched PDU

Zonit μATS™ Micro ATS


Zonit μATS™ Micro ATS

The world's smallest, most efficient capable ATS for data center equipment.

Primary usage scenarios:

  • Redundancy – enable redundant power feeds for single power cord devices
  • 99.9% efficient power distribution – save 3-15% of annual data center power costs
  • Increase UPS efficiency by 3-5% – save 3-5% of UPS power conversion losses
  • Cost-effective N+1 reliability – eliminate the need for a 2nd power supply in N+1 horizontal server tiers
  • Relocation flexibility – enable easy "hot moves" to relocate powered-up equipment


MMP series - Power Factor is Real and now it's Real-time with MMP Power Solution
MRP series -
Build Custom Power Solutions with Standard Modular Product
MSP series -
Build Custom Power Solutions with Standard Modular Product
DS series -
Low Cost Console Management
DS-RPC series -
Remote Console Access and Power Control
MDP series - Build Custom Power Solutions with Standard Modular Product
ATS series
- Provide redundancy to Single Corded Devices with the ability to switch Out-of-Phase Sources in 8 to 15ms

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