GEIST Power and GEIST Cool


TLE Series UPS - 60 Hz, 225-1000kW


Geist switched PDUs provide hands-on control, even from miles away. While monitored PDUs can display information remotely, only switched PDUs offer the ability to use that data and disable individual power outlets. Manage critical issues that arise with the click of a few buttons on a smart phone or computer. Disable problem equipment by cutting power to specific outlets, reboot equipment remotely by cycling power, and save time and money by avoiding sending technicians to the source of the issue.


  • Outlet Status Feedback
  • User-Friendly Web Interface
  • Customizable Alarms with Escalation
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Colored Chassis



At Geist, there is a wide selection of data center cooling products to ensure that your business network runs smoothly. Whether you are looking for active cabinet containment, unity cooling or small room cooling, you can rest assured that there is a rack cooling system for your business needs at Geist. For the best rack cooling solutions for your business data center, at a price to suit your budget, it has to be Geist.

ActiveAir™ Intelligent Airflow Management
Maximize rack and room density to achieve best-in-class PUE by stabilizing intake air temperature, all while collecting...

ClosetAir™ Small Room Cooling
Intelligent heat removal and monitoring solution for servers, network switches and phone systems in small spaces.

SwitchAir® Cooling
Prevent overheating of network switches by directing cool air to switch intakes, keeping hot exhaust air out. Keep your switches cool with Geist.

and Cooling Accessories


  • Rack Based System
  • Row Based System
  • Scalable Capacity
  • Load Sharing
  • Automated Control
  • Efficient Management

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