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Elliptical Mobile Solutions has pioneered the development of self-contained, high-density, cost-effective and energy efficient Micro-Modular Data Centers. Built at the rack level with onboard cooling, security and fire suppression, these data centers fully replicate the functions of a traditional data center without the costly infrastructure, raised floors, big iron and massive air conditioning units. These enclosures fully replicate the characteristics of a traditional “bricks and mortar” data center, while offering significant savings including:
  • Capital savings from 50-80% for new data center builds or data center retrofits
  • Reduction of cooling and electricity costs up to 50%
  • Operational savings from 40-65%
  • Reduction of data center footprint up to 75%
  • Rapid deployment, allowing companies to have a complete turnkey solution in weeks rather than months or years
  • Scalability, providing companies with the building blocks to add computing capacity as needed in a timely and pay-as-you-grow manner
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The R.A.S.E.R. HD is a 42U, high-density, hyper-efficient Micro-Modular Data Center capable of cooling fully redundant IT loads from 20 to 80 kW.

The enclosure uses pre-engineered closed loop (re-circulated) cooling with zero bypass airflow. This “best practice” method of cooling contains the hot and cold aisles providing one of the greenest IT solutions on the market today with a PUE as low as 1.1

Deployable outdoors or indoors, the R.A.S.E.R. HD features active fire suppression, electronic security, environmental monitoring and building automation. These interfaces make it the most powerful and easy to implement containerized data center product on the market today.


  • Closed loop cooling can support high temperature water and redundant IT loads from 20 to 80 kW
  • Fully redundant cooling system configuration with self-adjusting valves, requires only a mechanical hookup
  • Hot swappable and field upgradable Heat eXchanger (HX) units can support multiple configurations and will assure continuous operations
  • Indoor/ Outdoor NEMA 4 enclosure
  • EMI Shielding
  • Available in blue or black powder coating
  • Optional Zone 4 seismic (Telcordia GR-63-CORE)
  • Stand alone programmable encrypted security system with audit trail
  • Industry standard 19” wide x 42” deep racks are fully adjustable
  • Built-in environmental monitoring with IP control and GUI interface
  • HSSD/VESDA fire protection using Novek 1230 or F-gas*
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The R.A.S.E.R. DX is 42U, vendor neutral, enclosure that can completely replace the building shell portion of a standard data center. The unit can provide the equivalent of up to 130 square feet of high-density, fireproof floor space with 42,000 BTU of closed loop cooling applied directly to the equipment.


  • Built-in closed loop cooling can support 12 kW of IT.
  • Mission critical venting available
  • Exterior welded steel shell and frame provides a rigid support allowing an equipment load of up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Welded and sealed panels provide superior strength and create a NEMA 3R (optional NEMA 4) enclosure that protects equipment from the elements
  • Industry standard 19” wide X 42” deep racks are fully adjustable for depth
  • Patented shock and vibration isolation protects equipment within the enclosure from damage while in transit
  • Can operate indoors or outdoors


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The C3 -S.P.E.A.R. is a 24U, NEMA 12 or optional NEMA 4 micro-modular data center that provides from 2.5KW to 6.0KW of closed loop cooling directly to the industry’s latest high-density equipment with no need for costly infrastructure. The mobile platform allows one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of electronic equipment at the push of a button. The relocatable platform can be moved with a pallet jack.

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