Battery Cabinet
Battery cabinets and batteries manufactured to meet your power requirements for UPS or telecom applications

battery cabinet

eaton modular BATTERY CABINET


  • All battery cabinet assemblies are listed to UL 1778.
  • The BC2, BC7, BC11, BC14 and BC25 battery cabinets are provided with heavy duty casters and are shipped on skids with hinged attached ramps for easy unloading.
  • The BC25, BC39, BC43, BC55, UBC40, UBC52, UBC64, UBC75 and UBC77 battery cabinets are provided with locking hinged front doors for secure and easy access.
  • Turn around time for deliveries are typically two weeks or less after receipt of order.
  • C&C Power has thousands of batteries in stock to facilitate quick deliveries.

UBC77 Battery Cabinet
UBC75 Battery Cabinet
UBC64 Battery Cabinet
UBC52 Battery Cabinet
UBC40 Battery Cabinet
BR62 Battery Rack
BC55 Battery Cabinet
BC43 Battery Cabinet
BC39 Battery Cabinet
BC25 Battery Cabinet
BC14 Battery Cabinet
BC11 Battery Cabinet
BC7 Battery Cabinet
BC2 Battery Cabinet
BR8 Rack Mount Battery Cabinet
BR1 Rack Mount Battery Cabinet
BC14 Spares Battery Cabinet
Landing Box
Landing Cabinet
90824 Series Landing Cabinet

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